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Welcome to the UK Anaemia website - a resource for doctors and medical practitioners everywhere.

For clinicians to grasp the importance of anaemia may be difficult if their focus is on treating the disease condition. Because there are so few clinicians in the UK dealing primarily with anaemia it has become an orphan issue.

UK Anaemia rejects the concept of an 'acceptable' level of anaemia. The issue is seriously under-treated so UK Anaemia is keen to promote a rational and systematic approach to diagnosis and therapy. Patients deserve to have a life full of quality to be able to cope with their lives and to enjoy them to the full. Their families and dependents need them too.

A rational approach to diagnosis and therapy in all those conditions of which anaemia is a part is required and to that end UK Anaemia offers an interpretative service to help disentangle all the mass of laboratory data that can confound the busy clinician.

To access this service you will need to be a healthcare professional and by selecting the relevant button on the Data Analysis Service page. Once you have done that you may submit patient analysis information.

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